The agony of Alzheimer’s on your loved ones and you

One of the many services available through American Swiss is providing care for elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease. It broke our hearts to see how many families were suffering from such a volatile disease and we started receiving more calls to see if there was anything we could do to help. We took those calls to heart and now we are offering the specific, non-medical care that is unique to those with Alzheimer’s.

How we can help your loved senior manage their Alzheimer’s disease

As Alzheimer’s progresses in a person there are special considerations that need to be made. We try to ease the frightening burden that family members of those suffering from the disease may feel. We start by treating that “person” as the special person that they are. You cannot always be by their side and we want to make sure that you know they are being loved and cared for properly.

Our caregivers have a very thorough understanding of Alzheimer’s, receive regular training and knowing the most effective ways to work with people who are in a progressive Alzheimer’s state. This includes care that helps protect your loved one and make them embrace every moment they can.

Don’t try to handle your loved ones care alone

It’s human nature for families to get protective of their parents or grandparents when they get elderly. This is intensified when they are carrying a disease that diminishes their ability to make good choices for themselves or recall everything that may happen to them. If you are trying to manage your elderly loved ones care by yourself you need to know that it is okay to get help. You are not making an unwise choice when you get help from people that are dedicated to providing trained, high quality help that puts your mind at ease while lightening your burden. American Swiss is that company and we are committed to providing excellence to people with Alzheimer’s disease because we know they are excellent people.

We are proud to offer Alzheimer’s care services to residents in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and Santa Barbara counties. If you are searching for reliable non-medical care solutions for your loved one give us a call today. You have choices and we can help. Give us a call at (310) 598-6366 or contact us at any of our regional offices. Those numbers are listed out on our contact page.