Our family at American Swiss would like to thank you for taking time to review our website. You are most likely here because you are being faced with some difficult decisions about a senior that you love very much. Most every American has been where you are right now or will be sometimes in the near future. It’s heart breaking to have to take control of the critical life decisions of those who used to be the ones responsible for you in your youth.

When you reflect upon the elderly people in your life you see always visualize what they were when you were younger themselves. You may envision the boundless energy they used to have or how they would laugh and joke all the times. One day you realize that is not there any longer and you need to do something about it. Those are difficult days and can create stormy waters. The elderly person may not be ready to hear what you must say. You’re not eager to say it either; plus, you may have different thoughts than the others that perhaps have a say in the matter.

You need a friend and partner to help you make informed choices that are satisfactory to your treasured senior and good for them. American Swiss understands that and that’s why we are determined to keep the dignity, dedication, and professionalism with personality in our home care business. You are not demanding anything more that we’d demand for a senior we love.

If there are any other questions we can answer for you please do not hesitate to contact us. We want the be there for you every step of the way. May your thoughts be clear and your decisions wise.

Please download our home care brochure. We provide compassionate and professional home care.