If you are starting to investigate residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) for your loved one you are most likely feeling overwhelmed. There are so many questions and it is difficult to process everything you hear because of the highly charged emotions you are experiencing. American Swiss can help.

When the children or other family members of a senior citizen are deciding on what residential care facility is the best choice for them they usually factor in the two most important things:

  • How close is the residential care home to family member’s residence?
  • Does the home have the best staff and the appropriate state license to deal with the specific needs of their loved one?

Those are important questions and deserve thoughtful, yet professional consideration. That is why we offer a senior referral program. We know the questions to ask, what to look for, and can be your advocate during a highly emotional time.

What we do

The process of finding the best residential care facility for your loved one goes in steps. This is what you can expect from us and our dedications in finding the right place:

  1. Do a detailed assessment of your loved one and determine what their needs are
  2. Sign the referral service contract
  3. You will determine which zip codes you’d like to investigate for possibly suitable facilities and we will start our search
  4. We will contact facilities and make sure they are properly licensed and in good standing. Then we will ensure that they have the infrastructure and staff to properly address the care needs of your loved one
  5. You will receive an invitation to visit the selected facilities with one of our case managers. They will assist you throughout the process until your loved one is placed in a home

Cost for the service

You pay nothing for this professional, detailed service for your loved one. We get reimbursed by the facilities. All our case managers are State of California licensed administrators for residential care facilities for the elderly and have managed facilities before. Our experience and expertise is our greatest asset when it comes to caring for elderly people and making sure they are being treated with dignity and care.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today. If you’ve been visiting our wesite at American Swiss you are most likely facing some challenging choices. Do not wait another day to find out what we can help you out with today. Please contact us at (310) 598-6366 or complete the senior referral needs assessment below. One of our case managers will get in touch with you and help you start finding solutions that satisfy both you and your beloved senior.

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