“Thank you for being at Bobbie’s services. She was very comfortable with you and you made her last year a good one. Thank you for taking care for her.”

  -Brinyce R.

“Kurt is doing so well that it’s time for us to give him more free space. Your caregivers Rowena and Joy are great. Thank you.”


“The sooner Kurt gets back to his independent Swiss self, the better! All three women are mervels at caregiving, each in her own way. I feel fortunate to have discovered your agency, Bruno. Good website!”


“Hi Bruno, sorry I haven’t had a chance to update you on my mom’s situation. Fortunately I was able to relocate her here to Orange County in Westminister. It was hard but she is in an assisted living place. It is nice and she is doing well. She had adapted better than I expected. I know she is still getting used to not having having her own place but she is making friends and is safe. I get to spend more time with her. I really appreciate the help you gave her with the ladies who helped us through the difficult situation she was in. The ladies who helped her were great. Thanks again and blessings to your family.”

  -Kathy R.

“Bruno, thank you for your services. Your caregivers were really great and they took good care of John.”


“Dear Bruno, thank you so much for the wonderful caretaker you sent over, Lynn. She was on time, and very sweet. My mom also did well with her and it gave us much needed time to get things done.”


“Dear Bruno, we really want to thank you for the great gare my mom is receiving with your services. Tessa is great, so patient and caring!”


“Things are going well. Peter is making good progress, more than I ever expected. He’s moving well– we walked around Griffith Park Observatory yesterday! (it’s all flat and accessible). His speech, while weak, makes sense. Thanks for the excellent caretgivers.”

  - Jim

“We are very happy with Joy, Rowena and Joy. I made a monthly medication chart and they fill it in very carefully, and they are attentive, very watchful of Kurt and caring for both of us. P.S. We have mentioned you agency to several German and Swiss older friends, so one day when they are in need, you may hear from them.”


“We need immediate help! Like ASAP. My wife has returned from surgery, and I have an arthritic knee that has caused me to fall twice. You were there for us five years ago, please be there for us again.”


“Dear Bruno & Vicky, Thank you so much for your kindness and patience while providing care for my parents. They are doing well after adjusting to their new home. Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous New Year.”

- Jeannie P.

“Dear Bruno, Vicky & family, Thank you so much for the very special care you gave to my mother. I will always appreciate your kindness and love.”

- Doreen

“Bruno & Vicky, I insist that you atleast accept reimbursement for the Ensure you purchased for Marie in April. Again, thank you so very much for coming to her viewing yesterday, for the beautiful flowers, and for the dedicated care you and yours gave to her in her final years.”

- Joel

“Thank you very much, I was very happy with Kristiena.”

- John

“We wish to thank you for all the loving care you have provided. The first day we met Bruno, we were touched by your personal input and the way all of your people cared for our mother. Thank you for all you have done for us..”

- Gene & Vickie